Mode Analytics: Python Tutorial (4)

Lesson 4 covers counting values and basic plotting in Python. The Mode tutorial for lesson 4 can be found here. The data set used in this tutorial is the same as in tutorial 3. This tutorial begins to go over web analytics and what the practice can be used for. Web analytics uses data such … Continue reading Mode Analytics: Python Tutorial (4)


Mode Analytics: Python Tutorial (3)

Lesson 3 covers data frames and selecting data using Pandas, a popular data manipulation library in python. This is an exciting tutorial because it's my first opportunity to use Python with real data. The Mode tutorial for lesson 3 can be found here. A web traffic data set from Watsi is already included in the … Continue reading Mode Analytics: Python Tutorial (3)

Mode Analytics: Python Tutorial (1)

To begin my adventure into understanding Python, I decided to start off with several tutorials created by Mode Analytics. Nine lessons are provided for Python novices that utilize Mode Python Notebooks. Notebooks are available online and make it easy to begin programming without downloading additional software, like IDEs. To follow along, the Mode Python tutorial can … Continue reading Mode Analytics: Python Tutorial (1)