The Data Journey

This is my data science journey and the aim of this blog is to document my experience.

Data is everywhere and what we can learn from it is truly limitless. In order to understand and gain knowledge from data, learning the practices and techniques to best analyze it is essential. A better understanding of programming, statistics, and computer science more generally will allow me to dig deeper into the endless amounts of data available. I am going to embark on a mission to become well-versed in all things data science. Whether you’re on a similar path or just here for the fun, welcome!

There are three primary reasons why I am interested in improving my data science knowledge and why I began Data Doll: data, application, and communication.

  1. Data. My favourite moment as a scientist is when data collection is complete and, for the first time, it feels like I have an opportunity to learn something new in my field. This knowledge comes from analyzing and understanding the data.
  2. Application. The reason data is collected is to gain insight. Once data is collected, analyzed, and understood, it should mean something. What we learn from data can to be applied to almost any domain. Data science has the power to shape the world.
  3. Communication. I’ve always loved to write but the reason communication is so important in this context is because without being able to communicate what you learn from data, it cannot be accurately applied. I truly believe there is no point in data without being able to communicate it.

Plus, the best way to learn is to teach!

All posts on Data Doll should be considered works in progress. As I am only an aspiring expert, these posts are subject to (and will likely undergo) improvements and edits. I will primarily be using a Mac operating system throughout this journey so keep that in mind if you are following in Windows, Linux, etc.

Please let me know if you have any tips or advice in my recommendations section.